A new beginning.

I’ve been extremely caught up lately with a couple of rainbowacy stories, and as much as I desire to write my own, I’ve decided to start out with normal Sims for my first legacy story. For the challenge twist, I’ve chosen the emotionacy. Essentially, follow twelve emotions,     for each generation, with happiness being the finale. I don’t know if mine are going to be what the creator of the challenge intended (especially some of the more negative ’emotions’), but I’m going to try to make the best story that I can make. I am changing the Dull character due to the fact that I don’t believe I can make an interesting generation out of ‘dull.’

Instead it will be ambitious (not really an emotion, but neither are insane or revenge, so….I think it’ll work).

Also, as for what emotion each generation will be…that’s a secret! (Mostly so I don’t ruin the story for anyone. Once you know what path each gen is going to follow, the twists, at least to me, don’t seem as fun.) Instead, I’m going to hold a poll at the end of each generation and you can guess which emotion the generation was. Then at the end I’ll make my list public and you guys can see if your guesses were right!

(Not the most exciting game ever, but it will also help me to see if my own judging of the emotions got across to my readers. I’m always curious to see how other people view the same world I see.)

Now, without any further ado, I present the founder of the Black Legacy:

Kristen (Kitty) Marie Black

(So named after a good friend’s favorite stuffed animal, the black cat named Friday. ^^;)

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