Gen 1 – Chapter 1

Kitty Black

My name is Kitty Black. Erm, excuse me. My full name is Kristen Marie Black. Marie is for my mother. Kristen is for…my great grandmother on my father’s side? Something like that. I suppose it doesn’t particularly matter. I never met either of them.

It’s always been just me and my dad, in our little house. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, somewhere to put a couch and a couple of comfy chairs…that’s all we’d ever had, and that’s all we ever needed needed.  Just right for the two of us.

My guitar is the closest I’ve come to my mother. It’s the only thing of hers to be found anywhere in my life. I’ve heard from older townies that after her death my father went a bit crazy…This is lucky that it survived. He really loved her, couldn’t stand losing her. That whole story. It’s pretty romantic, and really sad, but I can’t say that I’ve ever really felt that it was…well, a part of me. Of course I had to have been there, even if I was a baby. But just because I was there doesn’t mean I have to be attached to that particular event, right?

I should probably take this moment to back up and say it wasn’t really just me and my father. There was also Jade. We were both ostracized in school, though for completely opposite reasons. Of course, we never asked back then. All we knew was that we wanted a friend. As it turns out, everyone avoided her because they were afraid of her mom. I, apparently fortunately, have never met the woman. As for me…I was the poorest girl in the class. That position always has a bit of trouble due to wearing second hand clothes and such like that. Sad but true…and I’m so glad Jade is beyond all of that.

Life was pretty great. Some people thought they had to pity me, but the truth is I always felt that I had so much more than any of them. While they had their money, I had something better.


That is, I had all I ever wanted until she showed up.


It was my first time playing out in public. I usually practiced on the front porch or in my room, but that day my father wanted me to play for some of his friends. So I did.

I didn’t even notice, even though it’s so painfully obvious now. The setting, the way the shadows fell as the sun set…I should have paid more attention. I was so intent on my guitar, my music, not messing up and making a fool in front of my father’s business friends.

Still, just one dance isn’t the problem. The problem didn’t come until much later. When I came home to this:

My father having a girlfriend should have been an exciting prospect. Good for him, getting on with his life, all that. In fact, if I had talked to anyone I knew at the time, they would have told me I was just being a jealous brat and I needed to get over myself.

But I couldn’t. Some lady I didn’t know was eating my father’s face. He had never so much as looked at another woman, and now he was dating!

To make matters worse, as soon as he realized I was there he pulled me aside to tell me the ‘good news.’

“Honey, this is Harriet. She’s going to be…uhm, what I mean to say is that, due to difficult times lately, money hardships and all that, Harriet and I have decided it would be beneficial to us all if…well…”

“What your father is trying to say, dear,” she interjected, “is that I’m going to be living here from now on.”

It was all downhill from there.

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