Gen 1 – Chapter 3

Kitty Black

When things happen, they happen fast. Within a month they were announcing their engagement…

Not too long after that they were married in a quiet, private ceremony at the town gardens.

I didn’t go.

By the time school was letting out, I was never home anymore. I just couldn’t deal with it. Needless to say, Jade and I spent more time together than ever before, usually at the beach just up the street from her house. She didn’t mind it. The whole situation gave her more of a reason to be away from home, and from what I heard it was getting really lonely there, what with her mother never home.

However, I was finding it very hard to ignore a fluttering in my stomach whenever she called. Every day I would stare at my phone and wait for whatever adventures she had planned for us that day. But it got to the point that it wasn’t the adventures I was going for anymore.

People might say it’s wrong. Well, ‘might’ is a nice word. People usually insist that it’s wrong. Unnatural. But when I heard Jade’s voice it was my saving grace. She was the one that made me feel like life was worth living. I never realized how much she meant to me before Harriet came into our world.

Today I was going to do something about it. I just couldn’t ignore these feelings or keep them bottled up. I had to let her know. So I planned the perfect date for that night. But since that day I’d been avoiding her house, so naturally I had to call her out to the waterfront. This was something for face to face conversations.

I dialed the phone.


“Hey Jade! Would you mind meeting me down by the water front?”

“Sure. What for?”

“Uhm, well, I was hoping we could get lunch or ice cream, or…something.”

“Haven’t decided yet?”

“Yes, of course. That’s the problem.”

“Alright, I’ll be over there in a jiffy.”

True to her word, she arrived no more than ten minutes later. We managed to decide on the new parlor up the street, and I managed to grab her attention for a few moments longer.

“You remember the old amphitheater right? They used to have concerts out there for the Summer Festival?”


“Would you, uhm, mind meeting me there later tonight? At ten or so?”

“Ten? Kitty, curfew is at eleven! You know I can’t get caught out that late…”

“This coming from the girl that doesn’t mind being at the beach until three in the morning?”

“That’s different. The beach is just up the street. The amphitheater is on the other side of town.”

I snatched her hands up. “Jade, come on. We’re seventeen. We have our driver’s licenses for crying out loud. Besides that, it’s summer. It’s not like we’re going to skip school tomorrow. Come on. We can say we lost track of time…”

“At the old. Amphitheater. What’s out there?”

“You’ll see. Just…please?”

“Kitty…Ok. Tell you what. First of spring break we can go to the amphitheater. We’ll both be eighteen then so no one can get us in trouble, and it should be warm enough out.”


“And for tonight we can go see a movie. On me. Popcorn and everything.”

“A movie?”

“We can even hit up the ten o’clock showing, that way we’re not out too late after curfew, and we’ll have a good excuse if anyone tries to yell at us.”

“C’mon Kitty. It’ll be fun. The new ‘Marauders’ movie is out, and I know you’ve been looking forward to that.”

I took a deep breath. “Alright.”

I thought I’d lost my chance forever. When would I have the courage to do that again?

“Now, about that ice cream.”


“Kitty, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it was going to butcher the book that badly…”

“It’s fine, really. It wasn’t your fault.” I’d been fidgety from the get go, and it had only gotten worse as the movie went on, so naturally she thought it was because the movie sucked. That was only about an eighth of the truth. I hardly paid attention after the first ten minutes, actually. The movie was mostly spent beating myself up over missed opportunities. “I’m just going to head on home now, if that’s alright.”

With that, I sped off. Well, I tried to.

“Kitty! Please wait.”

I stopped. We waited in silence for a good five minutes before I heard her feet shuffle behind me.

“Kitty, I know you aren’t upset about the movie…”

“…And I didn’t turn you down for the amphitheater because of curfew. I turned you down because I was afraid…that…well, things that I didn’t think I was ready for might happen.”


“Kitty. Take your chance. I know you want to.”

Naturally, we instantly became awkward. But I did it. I took my chance.

I only regretted it for a second.

Then she wrapped her hands around my face and I knew. She’d been thinking the same thing as I had for just as long.

So we kissed again. And again. It was beautiful.

“Sorry I…put you off. I knew what you wanted to do…I just…I’m sorry Kitty.”

“I understand. But that doesn’t matter now.”

“You’re right. Oh Kitty…”

If only good things could last forever. But I’m sure you know the saying…

As we leaned in for another kiss, I heard a shout from up the street.

Then, in seconds, my father had pushed between us and was shouting all sorts of words I’d never heard him say before (and will never repeat) at her.

“And as for you, as long as you live under my roof, you have no rights. I can’t believe, my own daughter. And you are never to talk to this girl again, do you hear me?!”

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