Gen 1 – Chapter 4

Another note: This edit is to mention that the pictures are going to be a different shape after this chapter. There might be some pictures from the game I lost/from the previous computer, but the bulk of the pictures are likely to be in the new shape from now on. However, I can honestly say after Kitty’s generation, the pictures will be completely uniform again. So, until then, please bear with me.

Kitty Black

“You’re a complete idiot, you’ve ruined everything. I wish you weren’t my father!”

He had brought me home instantly, just barely not calling the cops on Jade for being out late. The only reason he didn’t was because I was there too. It wouldn’t fly the way he wanted it to.

He yelled at me the whole way home, and kept on yelling as the taxi dropped us off. The driver must have been so embarrassed, they dropped us of a fair distance from the house.

I was just angry. What a closed-minded pig!

I ran for my room. Tried really hard not to cry.

How could anyone turn against their own children like that? There was no excuse for his actions. He was completely out of line.

In the days that followed, I was confined mostly to my room. At least he has left me with my guitar.

I also noticed that Harriet seemed to leave me alone more. Whether that was due to the fact that we just never passed each other or whatever else have you, I was left to my own devices. So long as I stayed in my room.

Of course, the lull couldn’t last forever.


It happened two days before school was supposed to start again. Jade called one evening.

Her mom was out of town, and my father was taking Harriet out on the town with the bonus money he had after his promotion. So we decided to meet up on my porch.

My heart skipped about three beats when I saw her head up the sidewalk.

But something was wrong. She didn’t have any emotion I was expecting to see on her face.

She looked tired, worn out, a bit aged actually…

Above all, she looked angry.

Still, as soon as she was on my porch I bounded over to hug her.

She shoved me back.

Suddenly, I had an all too familiar feeling. It was just like before, only it wasn’t my father separating us.

All I could do was keep my arms to myself and watch as she paced the porch while the sun dipped below the horizon.


“Kitty, I’m leaving. My mother is sending me to boarding school.”

“Boarding school? That’s…that’s alright. We can write…we can see each other when we graduate…”

“No, we can’t. Kitty, when I graduate I’m moving to Bridgeport and getting married.”


“Jade, you can’t get married…you can’t be getting married. What about…us?”

“There is no ‘us,’ Kitty. It’s over. I’m leaving and I’m not coming back.”

“It’s for the best. You know it, I know it. We can’t ever speak again Kitty.” I tried not to read into the hard edge in her voice.

As I tried to catch my breath to keep myself from crying, I could see her move closer in the edge of my eye. “Kitty, please. Don’t…don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

“Just let me go.” Just let her go…My lifesaver, my sanity. Just let her go?

And yet…That old saying, if you love someone, you have to let them go. It certainly seemed to be what she wanted. I’d just learn how to live without her.

“Alright. Goodbye…Goodbye Jade.”

“Farewell, Kitty.”

Just like that. It was over, far more quickly than it had begun.

All I could do was watch as the first love of my life stepped off my porch for the last time.

Years of friendship, and this was what had split us up. My hopeless heart.

I wanted to start bawling, but I knew that wouldn’t help anything. I did the only thing that I knew could help me calm down.

I ran for my guitar.

That was my first performance of the first song I had ever written, to the audience of the moon…And the neighbors I was sure I had been keeping up.

It was also my last performance of that song. I had written it just for Jade. To play to her at the amphitheater. It was going to be one of those scenes right out of a corny movie.

Well, at least that part wasn’t too far off.

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