Gen 1 – Chapter 5

Kitty Black

I don’t know how that year passed so quickly. The days blurred together and before I knew it, the night of prom was setting over Twinbrook. My senior prom.

My father loosened up his restrictions around the winter holidays, about when he realized that Jade was, indeed, not returning to town. By loosened restrictions, I mean I was allowed to go out prom night without consequences.

It’s funny. When I was little I always thought that my prince charming would come and whisk me away. I used to kiss my froggie on the nose and dance around, planning our wedding when he turned back from his cursed form. Now, I wanted nothing more than to just throw everything in a closet and forget about love all together. What was the point of it, other than to cause suffering?

My prom dress was quite easily the most expensive thing my father had purchased in years. It cost as much as any bit of furniture we owned, likely far more. But it was beautiful.

I tied my hair up in the latest trend by Gala Ball, with a little braided twist of my own. It took hours to get ready, since I was doing everything on my own, but the end result was breathtaking.

However, I barely recognized the girl in the mirror.

“Don’t forget, ladies, the key to your success is your appearance,” I mimicked one of Miss Ball’s interviews. “Keep it put together and beautiful, and no one will ever be able to turn you down. You’ll be signing autographs in no time, without even being a star!”

No. This wasn’t for me at all. I was just about ready to rip the bands out of my hair and toss the necklace back in the jewelry abyss it had come from.

“You’re so beautiful…”


“I never realized how much you look like her…your mother I mean. You have her eyes.”

I took in a deep breath. My eyes certainly were a unique shade…

“Kitty, if you need a ride, I can take you. I know it’s not super cool, but the company car is pretty slick. I can toss a hat on and no one will know the difference. They’ll think I’m just your chauffeur for the evening.”

“It’s alright Dad. I already called a taxi.”

“Oh…well, good luck tonight Dear. You’re so lovely, I know all the boys in the room will be tripping over themselves to dance with you. Just make sure to have fun.”

Yeah. All the boys. But it wasn’t a boy that I wanted to dance with tonight…

“I will Dad.”

Truth be told, I wasn’t even planning on going to prom at all. I had no interest in wooing possible future husbands. Besides, it wasn’t like many people were talking to me anyway. We lived in a small town. Rumors were always running rampant, and of course people made their speculations when Jade disappeared and I started acting like the heartbroken little girl I was.

And, of course, people don’t condone those sorts of relationships. So, naturally, people just sort of avoided me, whispering their thoughts when they thought I couldn’t hear.

No, I knew that I wasn’t going to have any luck in the love department tonight. Not that I wanted it. But my father was certainly hopeful. Get a boyfriend, set things straight.

“Are you sure you want to head to the beach, Dear? It’s rather cold out tonight. You don’t even have a jacket…”

“I’ll be alright. We’re only going to be there for a little while. Then we’re going to hop into my friend’s limo and get ourselves over to prom.”

“Alright Dear. If you say so.”


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