Gen 1 – Chapter 11

Kitty Black

Within two months, I found myself spending most of my spare time befriending my toilet.

By the second straight week, I was pretty sure I knew what was going on.

I greeted Gunther when he returned from extra meetings one Saturday evening. He was really putting in a lot of overtime for his business as the holidays rolled around.

“I need to talk to you,” we said in unison.

A smile crossed his face, but a knot tightened up in my stomach.

Something big was probably happening at work, and here I was dropping this bomb…

“You go first.”

“You go first…heh heh.” Again with the synchronized speaking.

I flashed him a smile, then breathed and tried to prepare myself to bring it up with him.

This wasn’t going to be easy at all. Then he beat me to the punch.

“Kitty, I know this is sudden but…I’ve decided to go home.”

“I’m sorry, but what did you just say?”

He didn’t need to repeat it. He shouldn’t have. Then again, I shouldn’t have asked.

“I’ve decided to go home…I know this is out of the blue, for you, but I’ve been thinking on it for a while.”

“What’s been happening here isn’t fair to you, at all,” he continued. “I’m intruding on your life and ruining your good reputation.”

“I feel that I’ve been using you, my dear, and you certainly deserve far better than that.”

“So when my wife came to see me at work last week, I knew I had to make the right decision. We couldn’t go on like this. I have a family, and you have a bright future ahead of you. So, I’m moving back in with my wife tomorrow. We’re going to see a counselor to work our out problems.”

After everything…he was just ‘using’ me?

“You disgusting old…how could you? How could you do that to anyone! Just…use them and leave them!”

“Please, dear, calm down, I really do care for you…”

“Care for me? You’re abandoning me! You’re absolutely despicable!”

“I never want to see you again!”

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