Gen 1 – Chapter 13

Kitty Black

One year. One whole year. We’d had our ups and our downs, but the girls and I made it. All thanks to Chris.

He gave us everything and asked for nothing in return. How could I be so lucky?

But this day grated on my nerves a little. I was worried to death that one of my girls would be identical to their father. But you can’t fight time for long, and soon I got my first glance at my babies and what they’d grow up to look like:

Penny had my eyes, and my genetics for hair growth it would seem. A full head down to her shoulders. I had to find an old ribbon to pull some of it back and keep it from falling into her eyes.

Lucy wasn’t quite as lucky. She barely had any hair at all, actually. But that was ok. I had an absolutely adorable hat I’d been wanting to use, and Penny already had far too much hair for it.

My girls were perfect. Seeing them there washed away my nerves entirely.

I reached for a piece of cake, but I felt a hand pulling me back.

“They’re beautiful Kit.”


We both shifted awkwardly for a moment. I knew he wanted to say something, it was all over his face. I just wished he’d get it out already.

I swear I felt my heart stop when he finally did.

“We need to hurry and teach the girls to walk.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because I hope that they’ll be the cutest flower girls ever.”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

But this was absolutely real…

“Miss Kirsten Marie Black…”

“…will you marry me?”

I could barely get the word out and offer him my hand.

Maybe it was just the moment, but I could swear that diamond was a small star.

I was absolutely stunned.

He hopped up and stroked my cheek. “I love you Kitty.”

“I love you too.”

And we did get straight to the toddler training.

Lucy was a bit more hesitant than her sister, but they both caught on.

We were the luckiest family in the world.

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One Response to Gen 1 – Chapter 13

  1. blamsart says:

    awwwww that is so adorable! I love your sty of writing, its different from teh other legacies I’ve read. Love this legacy and I can’t wait for the next one!

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