Gen 1 – Chapter 16

Kitty Black

By the suggestion of my friend, Paula, I took up playing in the park while the girls were at preschool.

It had been slow going at first, but over time I started to really draw crowds. And, though I didn’t know it then, some very important ears.

Chris and I were as happy as any couple ever was. I was starting to realize that maybe not having those ominous dreams of mine weren’t such a horrible thing. They had haunted me so, since my father died. But now that they were gone, I was sleeping far better. Which was an extremely good thing, considering what was coming up in our lives.

That’s right. Another baby.

My concerns fell to our finances. Sure, we were pulling in good amounts of money, but we had two girls about to start school as it was. Not to mention the house was only two bedrooms. Where were we going to put a third baby? That room was far too small for three kids.

“Chris, we’re gonna have another baby.”

His excitement ran through me and I lost my original train of thought.

“Kitty that’s absolutely amazing! When?”

My smile started to strain a little. “September.”

“What’s wrong?” We sat down.

“Chris…do we have enough money for a baby? Or space…”

“Oh Kitty…”

“Don’t you worry about the money. Everything will pull together. I have a promotion coming up, I think. And, if the baby is a girl…we already have everything we need except the diapers, right?”

“I suppose…”

“Everything will be just fine Kit.”


As the saying goes, time marches ever on. Before I knew it, they were ready. And we found ourselves with two more beautiful baby girls.

Willow Estella Black.

And Diane Serenity Black. Together, named after Chris’s mother, Diane Willow Steele.

Not too long after that, we were celebrating Penny and Lucy’s fifth birthdays.

It was so hard to believe it had been four years since the wedding already.

Penny had so much hair, and she was so beautiful. So much like her father…But she had my eyes. That made me feel so much better.

And Lucy. She really took after me, aside from her eyes. And…well…

She was five years old and still her hair wasn’t really growing. I had been checking in with a doctor (Chris doesn’t exactly specialize in scalp troubles), and he said as long as she was otherwise healthy then it really wasn’t that big of a problem, since everyone’s hair is unique and some people just don’t get long hair.

She didn’t seem to be too bothered by it anyway. She took straight to the easel we had set up in the front room.

Meanwhile, Penny grabbed the nearest football and she and Chris spent many evenings outside passing it back and forth.

I was aware that he wanted someone to play sports with, and I could sense he was more than a little grateful that Penny had taken to them so well. Soon, we had her signed up for scouts as well, and she was best friends with their entire kindergarten class too. My little social butterfly, she never let anything slow her down.

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