Gen 1 – Chapter 17

Kitty Black

Two years after our younger twins arrived, they were healthy, rowdy toddlers, and I had binders just full of music I had written. As well as a very important call.

It would seem a movie producer had heard me playing in the park that day. He wanted to give me a shot at playing for the orchestra of his newest epic adventure flick.

I was still in complete awe as I ran it by Chris. It seemed so unlikely! It had been almost three years since then, and he still remembered my music! How had he gotten my number?

He was in town, at the theater. He wanted me to come in and play.

Chris was his ever amazing, ever supportive self. He got in contact with Hank Goddard, Pauline’s husband, and had a background check done. Everything came up clean. So we hired a babysitter for the toddlers and I went to the theater.

When I got home, Chris was napping.

I knew I should let him sleep, but I just couldn’t wait. I was simply bursting at the seems to tell him all about my day.

Before he was even on his feet, I was spilling the tale of the entire day. “It was absolutely amazing Chris!”

It was all far too good to be true…Maybe it had been just a dream? No, no it hadn’t. I had a job again. And not just any job at that…the job of my dreams!

Chris kept a firm smile on his face, but as I wound down from my story I realized that something wasn’t quite right.

“Did…something happen while I was out?”

“Kind of. Kitty…I think…uhm. I think Lucy’s having a hard time with school.”

“What happened!”

“When she came home from school, I could have sworn she was crying. But she wouldn’t talk to me.”

“Then, right before dinner, she came out in that hat we got her.”

“She’s been locked in her room since she finished eating. She won’t answer me.”

“I’m terrified something horrible happened at school…”

“I know, Love,” I replied.

“I’ll go check in on her.”

I peeked into the room, but she didn’t look up. She was completely engrossed in her reading. I decided I’d catch her right after school the next day, rather than dig into whatever had traumatized her right before bed.


Penny came home with a little bit of a spring in her step. She had gotten four new badges that day, putting her at the top of her troop.

Lucy was a very stark contrast to that. She came in looking over her shoulder.

“Would you like me to help you with your homework today Sweetie?”

“Uh, sure Mom.”

“I really like your hat with that outfit. You’re really pretty in it.”

“Why did you decide to wear it today?” I admit, I’m not the master of being covert.

“I didn’t like my hair.”

Then she diverted the conversation with questions about her homework. She wasn’t fooled.

“Lucy, your dad told me about yesterday. You can talk to me Baby, you know that right?”

She froze for a moment.

Then went right back to her homework.


“Mom, I’m really terrible at math. Can you help me with these?”

I relented. We finished up her homework in record time, and I noticed that she didn’t really have a problem with math.

“Hey mom, can I join the scouts?”

“Of course! Any particular reason?”

“Well, the lady in my favorite series learned a lot from her scouting days that she uses to solve crimes.” I couldn’t help but smile. “I really want to learn what she learned.”

“Alright, but don’t be too surprised if you don’t learn all the same things.”

“I know. In the latest book she re-created a scouting group in her hometown, and taught the kids all about how their own experiences can help them.”

My little Lucy loved her books.

It didn’t make me worry any less about her though. As the years passed, it became rather evident that she was quite often the butt of a lot of jokes. I once caught Sandi French, who was at one of Penny’s sleep overs, whispering about how much Lucy resembled a boy. I had a discussion with Penny about it, and she promised to talk to her friends. I don’t know if she did or not, but the girls never held a sleep over at our house again after that. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was to avoid getting a lecture.

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