Gen 1 – Chapter 18

Kitty Black

My new job was going extremely well. I was playing piano for a number of movies, and I had started learning the cello.

I wasn’t doing too bad! Well, in my own opinion.

The real events were centered all around my daughters.

One day they were turning two, then they were turning three…

And before I knew it?

They were eight. Willow looked identical to me.

Diane was just like her father, aside from my orange hair.

We were growing older as well.

I tried not to let my wrinkles get me down.

My brother had grown into a man. Rather maladjusted, but I had faith in him. He was really nice when someone took the time to get to know him.

The second bedroom that had once fit the girls fairly well was becoming more and more impractical every day. Diane especially found herself getting very poor sleep.

“Mom, she does it every single night!”

“It’s obnoxious. I can’t sleep when she does it! The light is the worst part. It doesn’t bother Penny or Willow because they’re on the top, but it’s always in my eyes.”

“Have you ever said anything?”

“No? I don’t want to start a fight.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll have a chat with her. Just get some sleep now Baby.”

With all the girls tucked safe and sound into bed, I went to have a quick chat with Chris.

It was high time our girls had their own rooms.


Even with everything worked out with Chris, I still had to get to the bottom of Lucy’s late night habits, so I pulled her aside while the other three were brushing their teeth the next evening.

As with before, she tried to change subjects at every turn, but this time I was persistent. Inadequate sleep would be bad for her health.

Eventually, she said to me: “Mum, I just have these dreams. I can’t sleep after them, so I read until I calm down.”

“What kind of dreams Lucy?” I returned.

“I never remember, but I know they’re horrible.” My heart went out to her.

“Perhaps, in the future, you could come to me or your dad, or maybe you could read out in the front room instead?” She got it rather quickly.

“I’m bothering everyone else…”

“It’s not that you’re bothering them, it’s just the light.”

“The light bothers them. I understand Mom…”

“Ok, ok…I love you Baby.”

“I love you too Mom.”


By the end of the next summer, we’d added a new floor to our house. We’d gotten all of the plans and hired the construction workers in advance so that it would be completed while the girls were all away at scout camp.

The girls’ old bedroom was turned into a den of sorts. A place for our computer and my instruments. The stairs ran through both rooms.

In the back behind the stairs, we had moved the bookshelves and added two comfy reading chairs. We kept both doors. It gave the room an interesting and unique feeling.

I rather liked our new bedroom. It was much brighter and we had a place to put up their baby hand and foot prints.

Penny was enthralled with her new room. It was the size as their bedroom had been, only it was all for her.

She had it decorated before the night was over.

We offered Lucy the other large room, but she didn’t want it. One of the smaller bedrooms was big enough for everything she needed. Which left the other big bedroom to either Willow or Diane.

They surprised me. They were more concerned with being in separate rooms than who would have the bigger room.

Willow was completely opposed to the idea.

After some talking between them, it was decided that Diane would have the bigger room, Willow the smaller, and they’d just stay in the same room as much as possible.

The relieved look on Willow’s face made me feel a lot better about giving them their own rooms.


Soon after, the girls were going into high school. Freshman year. My biggest girls were going to be high school freshman.

Judging by Penny’s friends that were going into high school with them, however, I was starting to get concerned.

My concerns couldn’t stem my elation at the celebration.

The more she grew, the more she resembled her father. Her birth father.

The other kids had, for the most part, lost interest when it was Lucy’s term to blow out the candles, but her entire family was there for her, I made sure of that.

She was a beautiful teen.

After the party had ended and I got a shot of three of the girls on the couch. Looking at my teens, I couldn’t help but wonder where the future was going to go. Certainly the future was going to be an interesting place.

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