Gen 2 – Chapter 2

Lucina Black

The “Marquee” had been completed just before the Symphosias moved to town. Some people theorized that it had been built purely for them. I agree with that statement, but not the logic. They think the family commissioned it, but I don’t think it’s that complicated. A famous, rich family was moving to Sunset Valley. It doesn’t take much business savvy to know that if you cater to things they like you’ll probably make a lot of money. I was surprised more didn’t come in to town, then I realized that there was no where to put any others. It was whoever paid the highest for this spot of land over at the edge of town. They didn’t do a bad job, really.

It touted a gorgeous front garden, large dance floors, live bands on week nights, an open air pool and hot tub…But the VIP lounge had a professional bar, its own private dance floor, and a view over the pool. They had some limited space or I think it would have been much bigger.

The open air pool was an interesting sight though. It was inside, but not. I didn’t see any way of covering it up, so lucky for them the weather in Sunset Valley is typically extremely good. I couldn’t imagine how troublesome it would be to clean up after a storm. Or if it snowed here.

I was pretty impressed with the indoor fountain. Penny was more interested in getting past the guard beyond it.

I had to agree with Penny, when we got out of the taxi. What I had wanted to wear didn’t fit in here. But then, I didn’t exactly feel comfortable in what she’d put me in either.

Penny got right in to things, unperturbed by all of the people. Some of them were extremely dressed up, others weren’t. Those ones were sticking out pretty sorely.

I was left alone when Penny’s bestie, Sandi French, arrived.

They were extremely close, perhaps because they had the same kind of dreams. Sandi wanted to be an actress, and Penny, of course, wanted to be a sports star. Both career paths lead to fame and fortune for the successful.

The worst part, for me, is how they were always whispering and giggling.

And blatantly talking about me. I just knew Penny was having a good laugh with Sandi about my ‘fashion fiasco.’

I could hear them across the room. I could also hear when they stopped.

I recognized him from the newspapers. He was Peter Symphosia, the youngest of the triplets. No doubt Penny had seen him at the same time I did. I saw her attempt to follow him as he disappeared into the VIP section.

I didn’t care. I was just getting into the music. It was certainly a lot of fun.

As long as Penny did her thing and left me to mine, I could actually enjoy myself here.

It seemed like that would be the case. I saw my sister head over for the VIP section to try to sneak in.

Or rather, convince the guard that she was worthy of being let in. Her choice of dress suddenly made sense.

The guard was having none of that, though.

Which was where I came in.

“C’mon Penny, dance with me!” I was in a spectacular mood.

“Actually, Lulu, I need you to do me a favor.” Oh no. “You look like you belong in the VIP section tonight, and you look a lot like Mom too. The guard over there might be swayed to think that you’re a celebrity and let you in.”

“Penny, I’m not very good at that kind of thing…”

“You can do it, you’re amazing Lulu. You just have to believe in yourself a bit. I certainly believe in you.” I could feel my teeth melting at the sugar in her voice.

I knew she wasn’t going to give up until I tried. The worst that could happen would be that we’d get kicked out, and honestly I wouldn’t mind that too much. I could dance just as well in my own bedroom. Sort of. The space was a bit cramped, but I could make it work.

“Ok, what do you need me to do…”

Her plan was ‘simple.’ Walk in like I owned the place, talk to the Symphosia boys, and convince one of them to come downstairs and let Penny in.

“I’ll be back soon.” I was thinking it would be sooner rather than later.

My palms were sweaty and I could feel the muscles in my body trembling with fear. The man was at least three times my size. If he wanted to use force, I didn’t stand a chance.

But he didn’t. I just walked right up, around the barrier and through the door…

…and the guard didn’t say a word. So I headed up to the second floor. The VIP lounge.

The first thing that struck me was how empty it was. Well, I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Sunset Valley wasn’t known for it’s stars, singers, or any of those types. Most of those people tended to move away to cities like Bridgeport or Starlight Shores when they became famous. It was just more conducive to their careers.

Then, I saw Matthew.

He was amazing. I didn’t believe in love at all really, and especially not at first sight, but something about him made me stop short. My stomach flipped, my mouth went dry. I suppose there was one positive response: I stopped shaking. No, instead my ‘fight or flight’ instincts kicked in.

I fled.

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